Rose & Westra, Inc. is a professional engineering and environmental consulting firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rose & Westra, Inc. (R&W) provides environmental engineering and consulting services to a diverse group of clients in both the private and public sectors. At R&W we strive to exceed each client's needs and expectations with innovative and forward-looking solutions.

It is common for consultants in the industry to evaluate a client's current problems and to design solutions based upon prior work. This can result in solutions that may be similar to or only slightly modified from prior work. This kind of response does not recognize the distinct needs of each client. At R&W we use our broad experience to define a fundamental problem and refine solutions specifically tailored to our client's needs. Our goal is not only to create successful project results but also results that meet our client's expectations in terms of execution, resolution, and cost effectiveness. The broad technical experience of R&W staff enables our company to recognize and understand most environmental issues that our clients encounter in the field.

Meeting the challenges of environmental problems and regulatory compliance requires that we think creatively and examine problems from a fresh perspective in order to discover new solutions. These solutions must not only meet our client's needs and expectations (technologically, economically, legally, and socially), but most importantly, they must work. As a result of our continued efforts to approach each endeavor with a fresh perspective and willingness to rethink traditional answers to environmental problems, a number of projects performed by our staff have received special recognition.

R&W views itself as a service organization and strives to work toward the best interest of its clients. We will not accept work that we feel is outside the expertise of our staff. However, we will refer you to a firm that is best equipped to serve your needs. In addition, we use a number of sub-consultants to accommodate your specific project needs. Our willingness to form partnerships for structural, electrical, mechanical, physical, and analytical needs is an advantage when projects require multiple phases of work. R&W selects sub-consultants based on prior experience, schedule requirements, and cost.

Our goal at R&W is to provide a high level of service and quality results to our clients at a competitive rate. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs in the environmental field. Project-specific qualifications are available upon request.

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